Jalapeño Lopez

El Jalapeño Lopez ,  para servirle a dios y aste.

Birth Place: Some where in Mexico.
Profiles: Tecnico and Rudo
Style:  Mexican Lucha, American pro-wrestling.
Bio: Jalapeno Lopez has trained with amazing wrestlers all over the world. In Europe, he conquers rings all over Spain. Also, he has been working in the Southern California Independent wrestling circuit. Known as "Chile" (Chili pepper), making people laugh and emote with him, he creates his own style of lucha, based in hold to hold but combined with some grappling. His fast and explosive style, comedy to make fun of his rivals, without losing technique in the process, is a fan favorite.

Promotions: El Grito Producciones (Spain) Universal Gym ( Spain)
World Power Wrestling ( USA)  UIPW ( USA) MPW (USA) LL-Pro (USA) LL USA (USA) TL (USA) VILA CATCH (Spain)

Disposition: all the world.